People Trust Audiocorp for Hearing Aids

Focused on customer service, Audiocorp works hard to meet your exact hearing health needs while providing a pleasant in-office experience.

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People choose Audiocorp for their hearing care needs.

Audiocorp has been providing hearing health care in New Brunswick for more than 25 years, and we are proud to have received numerous awards for our work.  Focused on customer service, Audiocorp works hard to meet your exact hearing health needs while providing a pleasant in-office experience.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff take the time to educate you and answer any questions you might have. With a team of 4 highly trained clinical audiologists and a caring support staff, Audiocorp Ltd. has the skill you need to enhance your hearing. Audiocorp serves you with offices in Fredericton and Oromocto.

Audiocorp treats me like family. Their excellent care and professionalism will always be appreciated. Thank you.

Wayne C.Fredericton, NB

I LOVE Audiocorp! I was blown away by their friendly, knowledgeable staff who went above and beyond. Their unique approach made me a happy and faithful hearing aid user for the first time. Go to Audiocorp. You won't regret it!

Debbie Dunnett

I'm 54 and feel too young for hearing aids, but Trevor and his team changed my mind and attitude. Their compassion and professionalism is noteworthy, taking the time to explain my hearing loss. Audiocorp turned up the volume on my life!

Jamie Hunter

It's always great visiting the friendly staff at Audiocorp!!!

Katia Vignolo

Consistent, excellent service whenever I am in the office. The Audiocorp staff is always such a pleasure to work with.

Anthony Janes

It wasn't until I came to Audiocorp that my disorder was thoroughly investigated and ultimately treated. Trevor and the team always gave the extra effort needed. Their staff is compassionate, professional and determined.

Doug L

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When it comes to hearing aids, Fredericton residents turn to Audiocorp for help. There have been a multitude of impressive advancements in technology that can revolutionize your hearing health and overall well being.

Explore these useful websites to learn more about hearing loss, and contact us with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t like the original hearing aid I purchased years ago. Have they improved in recent years?

Innovations in hearing aid technology have drastically improved these devices in just a few years. Do you remember the annoying whistling sound from older devices? That is now a thing of the past. Another exciting development is the ability for you to hear speech in noisy situations. There are even devices that allow you to answer your cell phone directly through your hearing aids and control the volume of your television without impacting the sound level for others in the room. Hearing aids have also become much more comfortable and discreet.

I was told a hearing aid couldn’t help my hearing loss. What can I do?

Hearing aid technology has come a very long way in recent years, even within the last five years. Hearing aids are now able to assist patients with a wide range of hearing loss. We have found that more and more people are having great success hearing and communicating. You can actively participate in conversations again. Come see us at Audiocorp and let our clinical audiologists find a custom solution for you. We can help you find good amplification with a comfortable fit and price.

Is it really necessary to get two hearing aids or is one enough?

Audiocorp always recommends using two hearing aids in order for you to enjoy optimal hearing. When you use both ears to hear, you are able to localize sounds and hear more clearly in noisy environments. The sound quality will also be more natural. We can’t expect one ear to do the job of two, especially when there is hearing loss in both ears.

Why do I have this ringing in my ears when I’m trying to go to sleep?

Together We Build Dreams

The ringing, buzzing, pulsing, whistling or roaring sound you hear is called tinnitus and can be caused by a variety of conditions and is a common symptom of hearing loss. Whether you experience tinnitus occasionally or constantly, we encourage you to make an appointment with Audiocorp. Let us give you a complete hearing assessment to determine if the cause is due to hearing loss or other factors. While there is no known cure for this condition, our skilled audiologists can help you effectively manage it.