Services for

Hearing Aids in

Fredericton, NB.

The audiologists and staff of Audiocorp are troubleshooting experts that can often provide on-the-spot solutions to your hearing aid problem. If you are experiencing an issue with the fit, sound or if your hearing aid has stopped working completely, stop by and see us. You can receive repairs for your hearing aids in Fredericton, as well as at our office in Oromocto.

During your appointment with Audiocorp audiologists, we will complete the following:

  • Shell cleaning and sanitation of your hearing aid
  • Wax removal from your hearing aid (excessive wax will reduce the amount of sound your device produces)
  • Microphone cleaning (removes dust and debris that can prevent your hearing aid from detecting sound)
  • Necessary programming and adjustment to accommodate your changing hearing needs

We have experience solving various problems including the following:

Speaker Replacement

If the speaker of your hearing aid fails, we can often install a new one at no charge to you.

Microphone Cover Replacement

Your microphone cover is important as it prevents damage to your microphone. If your cover is soiled or damaged, it will impact the sound quality and overall performance of your hearing aid. This issue is usually minor and can be handled right in our office.

Adding Removal Strings

Do you need to replace the removal strings that help you remove the hearing aid from your ear? The strings are very small and sometimes break. Don’t worry, as we can replace them in our office in about 15 minutes. Just stop by and see us – no appointment is necessary.

Fit & Comfort Adjustments

Regain the comfort you once had with hearing aid adjustments at Audiocorp. In most cases we can quickly and effectively adjust the fit right here in our office. Fluctuations in your weight can contribute to an improper fit, along with other factors.

Minor Shell Repairs

Audiocorp can save you time and money by handling minor shell repairs in our office. If you have dropped your hearing aid or developed a crack in the shell, let our audiologists have a look before sending your device away for repairs. We will do our best to fix it.